About Maple Lane Farm

Maple Lane Farm is located in tiny, scenic Lyndeborough, New Hampshire in the foothills of the Monadnock region. My husband Richard and I moved here with our 2 girls in 1998. We wanted them to be able to go outside and ride their bikes or fly kites. What we got instead were 2 baby goats dropped off and the girls climbing stone walls with them.

As the girls got older, we got more animals to fill up our barn and 13 acre pasture. First came the chickens – who doesn’t like fresh eggs, right? And more goats. And a horse, pony and mini Donkeys. Then came 4-H and Dorset and Oxford sheep with a fair schedule from Labor Day until Columbus Day. Next came the Hereford cows – still with a fair schedule. Next thing, in the blink of an eye – the girls aged out of 4-H and the sheep and cows.

So was it all over? No! Richard and I had gotten attached to the animals and have continued to raise sheep and cows. Our current barnyard consists of a cow, a dozen sheep plus assorted lambs, a few goats (just for entertainment), a horse, 4 mini donkeys, and chickens for those fresh eggs. This makes for few dull moments but a wonderful life.

Welcome to Maple Lane Farm, NH

About Karen Grybko

I grew up on a large vegetable farm in Whately, Massachusetts on the banks of the Connecticut River. You could see the high dorm buildings of UMass Amherst from my parents front steps.

I went to UMass, graduating with a Plant Pathology degree and worked for Agricultural supply companies as a Certified Crop Consultant for more than 20 years.

I always loved baking and cooking but it wasn’t until I moved to the farm that I began a business selling baked goods at my farm stands and local farmers markets. It wasn’t long before people began to buy my pies over the vegetables I brought from our gardens. Soon, I ditched the farming for something I truly loved – baking.

In 2017, I developed a recipe for Maple Peanut Brittle. I then added Maple Walnut Brittle in 2018. I have since added Maple Almond and Maple Cashew Brittles.

All of these treats can be purchased at various shops and farm stands in New England, as well as at my Farm Stand and this website.

Karen Grybo - Maple Brittle
Maple Lane Farm - Winter